Capolavoro (Free Mint)

05/14/2022 6:00 pm





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Two-dimensional visual language as generative art.

Capolavoro presents a new reality of radically fragmented objects, fractured and angular shapes confined within a complex signature reduced to overlapping opaque and transparent planes.

Each Capolavoro depicts a two-dimensional visual language rejecting the traditional techniques of perspective created using programmatic generative art.

Your Capolavoro will consist of up to 7 traits that can all vary in colour, orientation and transparency to create truly stunning pieces of art with breath-taking depth.

Each piece has its own DNA signature and is guaranteed to be completely unique.

No roadmap, No Fake Hype and No False Promises. Just some of the most unique, visually ambiguous and stunningly breath-taking art put into the hands of true art lovers for FREE.

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