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1- All the desicions are Made bye DAO, that because the Billionaire community is the most importante to us.

2- A token it’s created $BILL, this token is obtained bye staking, more NFT You have more tokens You Will have

these tokens Will be used ti entera raffles and auction of other NFT, other collections and Billionaire nft and manda, all this is decided bye DAO.

3- Staking gives daily profits and is automatic.

4- 30% of secondary market sales return to headlines through contests, raffles, etc this Will be done weekly ir monthly

5- 40% of the sales of the secundary market Will go to the liquidity $BILL wich Will make our token hace value and You can change it if You want for another coin.

6- 30% of the secundary market sales Will go directly yo marketing, because we always need yo be growing and making the community stronger.

7- We Will have a vídeo Game that can be downloaded and You can play online ver and win $BILL against other players.

8- We Will launch the $BILL CLOUTH, this Will be on our platform and 50% of the profits Will go directly yo the holders through raffles, these Wil be done weekly ir monthly yo the DAO founds
(can be país with $BILL, Usdt and others cryptoconcurrency)

9- We Will have a metaverse club, only the holders Will have the access

10- Let’s create a secundary market where 40% profits will be distributed

30% will go directly to the holders who have 3 or more Billionaire
10% to DAO found

these will be every month.

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