Billionaire Shark Society Pre Mint

05/07/2022 7:00 pm





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Sharks don’t have to be in a tank to become billionaires anymore. The blockchain is your newest wealth generator and you don’t need an angel to fund your billionaire shark lifestyle. Cryptocurrencies have and will give many more people the opportunity to become their own shark

We are offering shark NFTs with utility. We plan to continue past mint by creating the Shark Tank DAO.
Read more on our animated website:
We also donate 10% of mint to charity.

NFT utility includes:
– Staking of your NFT to earn SOLFISH. Some sharks earn more SOLFISH than others (roles)
– Staking of your SOLFISH to earn more SOLFISH
– Fractionalized ownership of the society by staking NFTs/seed tokens whilst burning SOLFISH (our native token)
– Mint pass for further collections + Merch only for Sharks + Meetups/private parties
– Shark Tank DAO membership
– Evolution of your shark with a serum

OG Sharks with rarity for OG Sharks

Shark Tank DAO will talk about:
– Setting up a Solana RPC Node
– Invest in seed/private rounds of new projects with part of earned royalties, sharing the tokens/NFTSwith all Shark Tank DAO members
– Shark University – a hub for developers will be created to share and communicate ideas for the Solana ecosystem
– Voting on how to spend rest of the treasury
– New season of sharks!
– Shark Merch and Meetups/private parties

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