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BeaRex is a Play & Earn Web 3.0 2D-runner. The universe where unique NFT bears collect berries to save the planet from dinosaurs. And earn real money. The game’s total inventory is presented in the form of various NFTs, each one belonging to the player.

Bears from different universes collect them for Berry-smoothie, add them to the blender collider or sell them.

Bears need a berry smoothie for traveling across universes. It is created from some berries. Smoothie has its own style and could change the course of the game and game control.

You can put together a team of unique bears from different universes. Each of them gives their own benefits in the game.

We want to spread the idea of time optimization. It means that when you get bored, you don’t need to just scroll your feed or surf the web.

You have an amazing opportunity to spend your free time wisely. Just chill out, play in an attractive game and earn money. Furthermore you can do it everywhere: in a huge traffic jam, in the office during your five-minute break or at home while you watch a boring movie.

Bringing together a community wallet for a cooperation with the community in order to improve the game and bugs. Community decides on what should we spent our budget besides our own methods and tactics for advertising and improvements.

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