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BallerWhale is a collection of 10,000 generative NFT’s that honors crypto whales of a variety of coins.
Only in the warmest currents of the Seven Seas in the Metaverse can you spot BallerWhale’s enjoying all the best wonders of the world. Don’t be surprised if you see us sipping on the most expensive whiskey, talking about and enjoying the finer things of life. BallerWhale’s represent the crypto elite. Show the world who you are by becoming a BallerWhale and seeking the best in life.

BallerWhale will drop in 2 parts. The first part will drop 4000 on April 4th and the second part will drop 6000 at the established floor price. The original BallerWhale is one of the most valuable whales in the BallerWhale series as it unlocks upcoming airdrops and free minting opportunities.

For a limited time every 2 BallerWhales will mint a free BabyBallerWhale before it’s public sale.

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