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02/23/2022 9:00 am





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ARTIFAKTS is an innovative platform focused on creating generative 3D metaverse assets that can be displayed, explored, and interacted with across a variety of emergent metaverse applications. We are driven by our core values of interoperability and digital self-sovereignty.

The EMPIRES NFT collection is 1,500 unique NFTs inspired by artifacts of humanity’s past adapted to our digital future. We combine our passion for reality capture in the physical world with novel processing algorithms in the digital world to create unique metaverse NFTs that span both. Each NFT is based on one of fifteen different real-world heritage sites that we transform via a randomized set of algorithms and parameters to create beautiful, unexpected, and sometimes rare assets.

Our first focus for the EMPIRES collection is to create unique and innovative 3D NFTs that holders will be proud to own, view in their wallets, and display in virtual art galleries. Most unique about ARTIFAKTS and the EMPIRES collection is the creation process that uses reality capture technologies to bring real-world artifacts and cultural heritage sites into the metaverse in interesting ways. As a result each NFT has an inherent historical significance.

Since the Phase 1 release the team has built and released our custom 3D web viewer that allows verified ARTIFAKT holders to experience immersive 3D exploration of their assets in the web browser or using virtual reality headsets – available now at the website.

The Team has also released metaverse-optimized 3D models that are connected to the metadata of each NFT. These models are already integrated with the Desolates project, and testing is underway with many other metaverse environments including Portals, Enviro, Metaversol, Aiternate, and The Neighborhood.

Finally, a portion of mint proceeds and royalties will be reserved for donations to and partnerships with cultural heritage sites to fund preservation and to digitally capture real-world locations for future ARTIFAKTS collections.

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