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ANIMALS Meta, founded by Uncle Mars. By owning ANIMALS Meta, you are automatically member of AM Club!

In 2022, we will launch Metaverse related applications one after another. The first step will be to launch the ANIMALS Meta series NFT,

A total of 7,777 unique ANIMALS Metas will be launched on Ethereum Blockchain that are going to skyrocket the Metaverse.

We will create the IP of the universe series, update the story axis and content on the community platform synchronously, and combine offline resources.

Digital Assets
More than 500 traits will be used to create different NFTs, with space for collection and value-added, each NFT is unique.

Exclusive Community
You will join the exclusive [AM Club] community, where we will discuss together and launch exclusive online and offline gatherings from time to time.

Member Satisfaction
From time to time, random airdrops (free NFT, virtual currency, etc.), lottery draws or physical goods will be sent to [AM] NFT holders.

Shopping deals
Holders can enjoy shopping discounts at the partner e-commerce platform Big Big Mall, starting from a minimum of 18%! Outsiders will never be able to enjoy this offer.

Enjoy 10% Quarterly profit
Discuss the development and peripheral applications of a series of commodities together, and each wave of peripherals will draw NFT holders to enjoy 10% of the commodity’s quarterly profit

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