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Anim4rt is a collection of 10.000 bespoke NFTs directly leading to animal protection. 🦧
Through Anim4rt NFT, become an owner of a real rainforest. 🌲
Each ANIM4RT token will legally own 1/10000th part of the land we buy. 🌴
Your ANIM4RT NFT reflects the incredible diversity of nature that our planet has to offer. 🌎
By owning our ANIM4RT NFT you become a member of the ANIM4RT welfare association, where your vote will make you actively participate on all decisions made for preserving the wild species.
One of the great benefits of being part of this adventure is, that royalties acquired will be redistributed to the ANIM4RT NFT holders quarterly. All holders will receive a yearly distribution of the benefits generated by the Carbon Credits. 💵
As we acquire more rainforest each Anim4rt NFT will automatically grow the amount of rainforests parts.
The more forests we buy, the more blocks each NFT will own, increasing its value over time.
Own an Anim4rt and save the planet!

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