What To Expect for Cryptocurrency and NFTs in 2022: A Look Into The Future

bitcoin and ethereum tokens in front of an online trading dashboard

Hello! This article will be looking into what it is that we can expect to see in the next year. We’re getting closer and closer to 2022, which means that it’s time for predictions of what is coming up. There are many things on the horizon, but these are the projects I think have the most potential to change our world when they come out over this next year or so. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the exciting new things coming out, but rather just some of the most interesting projects.

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are always new and exciting projects on the horizon. Here are 10 of the most interesting projects that I think will come out in the next year or so:

1. Gene-Chain

This is a decentralized genetic data repository that is designed to keep track of genomic data. It’s important to have this kind of system in place because it helps to ensure data security and integrity.

2. Galaxie

This is an upcoming galaxy exploration game that promises to be one of the most immersive gaming experiences ever created. It’s set in a procedurally generated galaxy, which means that it is both massive and infinite.

3. Zodiac

This is a new social media platform based on blockchain technology. It’s decentralized, meaning that you have more power over your own content, what you see, and how the world sees your personal information.

4. Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a new mobile-first cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of potential to change the way we do things. It is designed to be easy to use and accessible for those who are new to the market as well as those who have been around for a while.

5. Esprezzo

A blockchain-based dapp (decentralized application) platform, Esprezzo is set up to help developers build more easily and efficiently. It helps with the EZPZ cryptocurrency as well.

6. Parallel

This project focuses on efficient data sharing and transfers through blockchain technology. With a lack of structured metadata, it forces users to retrieve this information from the source which can be tedious and challenging.

7. Verasity

This is a video sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to solve some of the major issues present in other media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. It provides viewers with monetization options as well as improved analytics for creators.

8. Zebi

Zebi offers data exchange services that are safe, fast, and secure. All your data is encrypted to protect it from any third party that may try to access it, all while you retain ownership of your original information.

9. BitGuild

This project allows users to buy, sell, trade in-game items with cryptocurrency on a blockchain platform. It’s an easy way to monetize your gaming experience via cryptocurrency as well as safely and securely buying, selling, and trading in-game goods.

10. Decentraland

This project is a virtual reality platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, explore, and monetize “land” that they own with original content. The possibilities are endless with this one!

All in all, there are many exciting projects out there that are set to take the world by storm when they come out over the next year or two. These are just some of my favorites, but if you want to stay up to date on all things crypto then I recommend checking out our NFT launch calendar here at NFT Drop Scanner.