NARGUSsMidway (NMID) | Public Sale

NARGUSsMidway (NMID) – The official NFT collection for Season One of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Book One in the sci-fi and fantasy Audiothology series, The Minded Collection.


BallerWhale is a collection of 10,000 generative NFT’s that honors crypto whales of a variety of coins.

disparate monkeys nft

Disparate Monkey (Presale)

Disparate Monkey (DM) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain(For fast & low gas experience).Each trait is pixelated drawn & generated by an algorithm to create unique art pieces.


☔chilltertaining presents “chilltertainers”. A cross-over between a lofi hiphop album and a NFT collection of 4777 ERC-721 token on Polygon ☔

otter academy nft


“Collection of 10,000 NFTs of academic otters, minted on the Polygon blockchain.
This is not a CryptoPunk Collection, Either an Bored Ape,
We are also not Ape Mutants, nor do we have invisible friends.
If they’ve put a Shiba Inu on the moon, we’ll put an otter beyond the moon.

Investors Benefit:
Presale: 600 NFT 0.005 ETH”

potheads official nft

The Potheads Official NFT

The Potheads Official NFT Collection is a collection of NFTs that was created in order to provide a place for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and share their love. The collection consists of 1,700 NFTs, and new collections and supporting products will be released in the future.

Our roadmap consists of building a strong team, marketing the collection across all social media platforms, buying virtual land, hosting virtual events in the metaverse, building an NFT game, collaborations, and much more!

We’ve put many hours into building this project to where it is today, and look forward to releasing it to the public! We are extremely excited to continue building this amazing community and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Be sure to check out The Potheads Official NFT Collection for yourself and join us on this journey!

scool nft drop

Shadowfied COOL (SCOOL)

Shadowfied COOL (SCOOL) is a Collection 10,000 unique Cats that have been taken over by the shattered souls of the Shadow Verse now living on the Polygon blockchain.

We want to reward early adopters by giving a reduced cost!

– 0-2500 = 1 MATIC
– 2501-5000 = 5 MATIC
– 5001-7500 = 7.5 MATIC
– 7501-10,000 = 10 MATIC

Public Launch: Mon, Mar 14, 2022 @ 00:30 UTC

About The Shadow Verse:
The Shadow Verse project is a series of collections that are converted to shadowed, black & white ver. of the original NFT. We are advocates in wanting to grow the NFT space on the Polygon Network which is why we wanted new and existing NFT collectors the opportunity to own a variation of blue chip collections.

Shadow Verse NFT is in no way affiliated with Original Collection: COOL(COOL CATS).

hello my meta name is nft

‘HELLO my META name is’ PreSale 20% OFF

‘HELLO my META name is’ is an NFT that will allow you to integrate a name of your choice with unlimited modifications. In addition to being able to modify the blockchain network with the upcoming NFT Cross chain bridge, the NFT will also have several uses in the Metaverse such as Staking.

The collection has 10,000 NFT’s and a living community funded by its NFT project. Finally, an NFT with a real project and a solid team behind it and not just another copy of an existing idea. Your only chance to buy a piece of history and put your name in the Metaverse!

world moments nft

World Moments NFT

Hi, my name is Matt and I travel the world catching simple but beautiful moments from around the world that you can get today in the form of NFT.

Every day one moment will appear on my OpenSea for purchase. The first one will only cost 0.001 ETH (polygon – no gas fee :)), each subsequent one will be 0.001 more expensive.

After the first 100 NFTs are sold I will also open a private Travel Hackers community exclusively for collection holders. So each NFT is also an entry ticket to the community. You can keep it or sell it for a profit.

pixel monkey space club upcoming nft project

Pixel Monkey Space Club

Public Mint Sale of our 5000 monkey astronauts! An exclusive club comprised of 5000 monkey astronauts who are enjoying their life into space. Each monkey astronaut is unique and programmatically generated from a variety of possible traits, space suits, smiles, and more.

grand ivory mahjong nft minting

Grand Ivory Mahjong Minting


144 Unique Tiles!
Floor Price: 0.035 ETH
Mint Date: February 18, 2022

The Grand Ivory Mahjong series gracefully showcases the classic mahjong set. They are designed together with cultural heritage as themes of Ancient China well as Asian art and legacy throughout time itself.

The first batch supply of 144 will be divided into 4 drops of 36 just like how a full mahjong set has 4 of each tile. After every drop we will be holding surprises for everyone:

Ivory Holders Benefits

Lottery entry for a chance to win free exclusive nfts and CASH prizes
The chance to decide the theme for the next 1/4 set
Get a chance to be part of our Masters’ Table event.
Constant access to future Masters’ Table Events

 What is Master’s Table?
Every drop we will be randomly selecting 1 lucky victor among Grand Ivory Mahjong holders and he or she can participate in an actual Mahjong game on a set date with the 3 other victors. By the time the 4th drop ends, we will be having a Masters’ Table Mahjong match for the 4 victors for a grand prize of:

Your very own Customized Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT
10% share of total sales!

What is a Dragon Whitelist?
In order to be eligible for our lottery, you need to Mint a Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT this grants you 1 lotto slot for our NFT giveaways and cash prizes. To increase your chances, be a dragon!

Dragons can:

Mint for cheaper! 0.03 ETH instead of 0.035 ETH
Get a chance to be part of our lottery for CASH & FREE NFT
One step closer for a slot to win in the Masters’ Table event
Higher Chances of winning. (3x more chance then regular minters)

What’s next?
Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT will continue to mint by batches of 36 with themes depending on the requests of the community! You all matter! Holders are considered constant lottery participants with random prizes in store!

Affordable Virtual Land NFT

Infinity Void – Affordable Virtual Land

We are developing a one of kind metaverse. A metaverse that thrives on a decentralised creator economy. A virtual world which shall be ruled by its community. We are deploying the best team along with the best software like Unreal Engine & AutoCAD to name a few. We are building a platform that is of value and that creates value for others.

Currently, we are organising the land sales of the metaverse.

There is infinity utility for these land parcels. A few of them are as follows-:

1. Entertainment Centers: Casinos, Clubs, Cinemas

2. Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices

3. Gaming: Racing Tracks, Unknown Battlegrounds, Adventure park etc.

4. Fitness Clubs

We are trying our best to develop an environment that doesn’t limit the creativity of our users. All over the above, the players would be able to earn money by monetising their assets.

Based on size and location, land parcels have been divided into 3 different segments

crypto shepherds nft release

Crypto Shepherds Release on Opensea

It’s official, the classic collection has been released!

Crypto Shepherds is a collection of 10k+ unique shepherds with a floor price of 0.05ETH. They are living their best life on the polygon blockchain. There are over 30+ different properties such as glasses, hats, clothes or character that makes every NFT unique.

Try looking for the golden rare shepherd NFTs, they are rarer and more expensive!

Collection revealed the 12th February 2022. Only 1k were revealed the 11th, 200 NFTs are added every day untill the collection reaches 10’015 NFTs!

polyspooks nft drop


Polyspooks is a community-driven collectibles project promoting safer sex. Our mission is to help make the scene safer for everyone by showing the world that “safety” is crucial and does not fit into a certain stereotype or label. The sneaky launch of 2222 spooky ghosts has officially begun.