T’SOI Girl Durga Puja #4

Durga—also known as Bhavani, Amba, Chandika, Gauri, Parvati and Mahishasuramardini—is the ‘Mother goddess’ and the ‘Protector of the Righteous’ to Hindu devotees. This is a nine-night celebration that more broadly celebrates the divine feminine. On the last day of Shardiya Navratri, women from the Bengali community offer vermilion to Maa Durga.

Bored Baby Devil

Bored Baby Devil (BBD) are a collection of 200 NFTs living in the core of the Polygon blockchain. Along with some incredibly rare 1/1s. Our vision is to create an amazing project.

Minesweeper Midi Gems

The first and only collection that consists of unprecedentedly rare Minesweeper game outcomes – the chances to see such a game result are 305 in a tredecillion. Finding a needle in a haystack is 10^33 times easier!

T’SOI Girl Eid #1

Eid is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. It marks the end of Ramadan, which involves fasting during daylight hours. In India, Muslims often celebrate Eid by visiting friends and family to give gifts and have a feast together. One traditional treat is sheer khurma, sweet vermicelli served in milk with dried fruit and nuts. At the end

T’SOI Girl Kathak #4

Katha means ‘tale’ and kathak means ‘storyteller’ in Sanskrit. This dance form is a combination of two words: Nritya meaning dance and Abhinay meaning act. The Ghungru, a sacred ornament worn over the ankles are essential part of this dance form. The rich culture, graceful gestures, refined foot movements, remarkable elegance of this dance

Bored Baby Devil

Bored Baby Devil (BBD) are a collection of 200 NFTs living in the core of the Polygon blockchain. Along with some incredibly rare 1/1s. Our vision is to create an amazing project.

MetaVerse Girls NFT Collection

The MetaVerse Girls are a collection of 666 original, unique and diverse, bikini beauties determined to make the world and the Metaverse a better and sexier place. We have a very limited number of MetaVerse Girls capped at 666, each of them is unique! The girls are on Bikini Island within the MetaVerse fighting it out in the Miss MetaVerse

The Psychedelic Ape Club

=>Monthly Rewards =>Casino Events =>Custom Art =>VR Psychedelic Portal Experience =>Token The First Ever collection of Apes that are exposed to psychedelics. These digital collectibles are established within the Polygon Blockchain, which enables users to collect, and trade them. The… Read More »The Psychedelic Ape Club

Def Squad GenEsis Collection

Def Squad is entering the Metaverse with our GenEsis Collection of Decentraland wearables. Bringing back the iconic Def Squad Varsity Jacket and Snapback Hat. The Def Squad Metaverse Jacket will only be available in the Decentraland Metaverse and will come with continuous rewards and perks for the holders of these limited edition wearable NFTs.

Ozunu Ninja

This is a unique Ltd. Edition A.I generated NFT Art created by VedShoka Foundation (www.vedshoka.com). this will be forever only one copy in the world, and you can prove it with hash code. This is the modern form of art, which will become the most expensive in history within years! increases the value of your investment.

Decryptable NFT – Phase 1 + Physical NFT

Decryptable NFTs are collectible cards that contain encrypted data. Each card is associated with an Encrypted String and Key to unlock its content. Collectors can also acquire a Physical Copy of their Decryptable NFT.


The Pica Lions is a Post-modern collection consisting of 8,000 (1/1) Cubistic NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain with 100+ unique, crazy Traits 🙂

Kitsuen Moon

[Reveal date 4 April] Kitsune Moon is a Kitsune Mask-inspired NFT Collection made with love by Atosuky Studios. This was the first try at a full NFT Collection from learning how to code up to the implementation of the full project on opensea, the funds made by this project will help build more experience and artwork on the chain. Roadmap,

Delta Operators

War has broken out on the Tezos Mainland, 222 Delta Operators fully geared up and armed to the teeth are actively being deployed to neutralize the situation, give aid and conduct Classified operations! Holders and Whales will receive Royalties payouts every month.