metaverse houses nft

Metaverse Houses v1.0

“We are 800+ active member community located in Sandbox. We are doing a lot of Events this year but 2023 will be huge bump. We are going to expand our community with selling not only virtual land and tickets. 3d Model of your house is arriving at the floor on form on NFT’S. You can choose your layout, location and neighbour. We gonna build it for you and give you the keys where you can meet up with your friends.
Little Information about us : Unique house that will be build in Metaverse as 1:1 copy of real house. Holders of this NFT is buying a 3Dhouse located in Sandbox around some celebs like Memphis Depay, Sidemans, Dj Mascotta , Dj Debora de Luca , FNC Rekkles and team Alliance. After purchase you will be granted keys to all Events that will happen in 2023. Mega Music festival, Gaming tournaments, Art courses and classes for beginners in Virtual reality.In Metaverse plan we are building six 12 floor buildings and county. You can choose on which place your house will be located then on release you will be granted 1:1 copy of real life house. Choose the future of NFT real estate. You can check real house prices,locations,inventory in sites below.

Official links 👉>
FB :
Twitter :
Instagram :
OpenSea :”

tinytigers nft image

TinyTigers NFT

TinyTigers is a collection of 3,900 unique, digital NFT collectibles representing the approximately 3,900 tigers left in the wild. With 5% of the initial mint donated to Big Cat Rescue, both community and charity are fostered through ownership.

TinyTigers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

drakoids nft mint day

Drakoids NFT Mint Day

Drakoids are launching on march 4th, 2022!

Public mint price set at 0.1 ETH.

About us:

Drakoids is a collection of 5,555 highly weaponized and armored mechanical dragons. Our NFT hopes to be one of the first collections to provide vote-based interactive storytelling through an innovative manga and subsequent adaptations of media.

There are over 240 million possible combinations of these Drakoids but only 5,555 are curated for holding.

Roadmap from here:

Phase two: launch (march 4th, 2022)

We will rollout all 5,555 of our series 01 (model a) drakoids onto the ethereum blockchain. The collection will be available on opensea.

Phase three

Series 02 (b models) 1/1 NFT

The current set of NFTs are generated and curated meticulously but only a handful of them are 1/1. We plan on releasing a limited set of Drakoids in the future that are entirely unique, exceeding no further than 150 in quantity and available first, by lottery, to series 01 holders.

Phase four

Drakoid NFT game

Could we really call Drakoids a real Metaverse without something to host these wonderful 3d models? We are currently co-developing an NFT game where you can use your Drakoids in battle with others! This game will be playable to both NFT and Non-NFT holders but with special perks and prestige upgrades for those who own a Drakoid.

The Drakoids Manga (title TBA)

Our Metaverse will take off on its wings with an innovative monthly manga, where our holders vote on where the storyline goes.


We want you to be able to build your own drakoid! So during phase four, we will open up a process whereby you can create your own drakoid using the many traits we will have to offer you, minted straight to our official drakoid smart contract.

Phase five: seasonal drops

We will continue to expand the drakoid metaverse with more and more releases of models and variant traits for the public.

A new beast enters

We are inspired by a large host of different genres, styles, and cultures. Dragons aren’t the only beast we’d love to armor up. When we feel that we’ve made an appropriate amount of drakoids, we’re planning on exploring other types of creatures for an entirely new collection!

cat people nft launch

Cat People NFT Launch

On the brink of an energy crisis on their home planet, the cat people voyaged out in all directions of the galaxy in search of the key to their salvation.
Earth was discovered, slowly recovering from the destruction left behind by nuclear wars fought by the humans.
As a result of the nuclear fallout, a species of fish had mutated over the course of generations and evolved to discharge unlimited amounts of electricity, capable of powering cities and empires.
This marked the beginning of a new age for the cat people. Will you be a part of the community and see what is next for Cat People?

The project is run by designers, 3D artists, branding experts, and animators. The team is looking to provide value to all our holders, creators, and community. Check out our website and litepaper to find out what utility looks like in our project.

CyberPunk Clones NFT Drop

CyberPunk Clones NFT Drop

CyberPunk Clones is a collection of 5,555 unique 3D designed Cybers united together to get on the Ethereum Blockchain.Our project is unique in that the pictures will be processed with color correction and post-processing by hand. We also have a story written by a real writer and book-comics will be released for all holders of our NFTs. All NFT holders receive a guaranteed spot on the whitelist in the next collection.

You will be able to upgrade your character with different items and create your unique CyberPunk Clones synthetic family. This process will increase the value of your current NFT and add some functionality for the next stage of the project. If you are fortunate and mint one of our unique NFT you can 2x, 5x, maybe even 10x the value of your investment within a few days.

Step 1
Launch of the collection

Launch of our Discord & website
Grant access to the limited Cyberlist
Launch of the 5,555 NFTs collection at the end of February.

Step 2
Access to the Dreamsphere

Each owner will become part of a close community of successful people in the blockchain world. Throughout the project, different events will take place for the owners, and rewards will be earned.

Step 3
Merchandising release

CyberPunk Clones members will have access to merchandise accessories and clothes such as t-shirts and hats… with the art of Your unique NFT.
There will be also a special gift to 10 owners of the Legendary NFTs collection.

Step 4
New collection drop

Long-term holders (30 days or more) will have access to a free drop of a new NFTs collection of weapons that can be merged with the first collection. Newcomers to the project will also have the opportunity to acquire items from this new drop-on through a new mint on OpenSea.

Step 5
Fusion of the NFT

You will be able to upgrade your character with different items and create your unique CyberPunk Clones synthetic family. This process will increase the value of your current NFT and add some functionality for the next stage of the project.

Step 6
Taking over the Metaverse

One of our goals is to connect the NFTs characters to the Metaverse and create the book with a story about the life of the Dreamsphere that becomes a Bestseller around the world. We want to show you that you made the right choice to join CyberPunk Clones and make sure that your investment is long-termed and profitable.

Supply and mint price: TBA

hypersloths nft art launch


With a world class artist Yevgeni Krachak in the lead, a one-of-a-kind Collect-To-Earn utility and a doxxed team – this project is here for the long run.

The HYPERSLOTHS are the perfect representation of the ‘work hard play hard’ mentality and they bring way more than world class 3D art.

This collection of 8000 3D art pieces will make your day to day collecting experience exciting like never before With a utility that delivers a punch every single week!

Solve riddles >>> collect HYPERSLOTHS >>> Claim prizes – it’s so simple, an ape can understand.


kawaii cones nft upcoming launch

Kawaii Cones NFT Drop

Kawaii Cones is a community-focused collection of 5,555 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to rally together an amazing community of like minded ‘cones’ and build something that is exciting and engaging for our holders. Wanting to be as accessible as possible for our community our Kawaii Cones will be priced at 0.06 ETH. You will receive ONE Kawaii Cone, which provides you not only a Kawaii AF PFP but exciting opportunities to earn new NFTs with $CONE coin and access to loads of AMAZING giveaways. If I were you I’d check out the roadmap because the suns coming out don’t miss out on grabbing a Kawaii Cones to keep you cool.

Kawaii Cones heavily focuses on community and giving back to holders of an NFT.

Once the first 25% of Cones are sold, a community wallet will be created with a generous % of all proceeds added. This will allow holders of Kawaii Cones NFTs to vote on how the funds will be spent.

We will also reward holders with real-life goodies such as free NFT prints and merchandise.

We feel many NFT projects “fizzle out” after the initial hype dies down. We want to ensure holders even into the future of the project continue to see value. We will invest heavily into the development of a play-to-earn game which will include tokenised rewards for staking your NFT and submitting your NFT in online events and games.

When you grab an ice-cold Kawaii Cone, not only are you acquiring an amazing PFP. You’re joining a fantastic caring community, with loads of exciting milestones that reward you for holding on to your ice cream and tempting as it may be to lick it. Be sure to check out our Roadmap to see the exciting journey that you could be a part of with Kawaii Cones. As Gretta Thumberg once said, “It’s getting warm out, grab an ice cream.”

pilot punks upcoming nft minting calendar

Pilot Punks Mint

Pilot Punks is the only NFT made by an American Fighter Pilot, with real world utility that helps you learn to fly anywhere in the world!

Presale Mint: February 12th 11:30 EST

Price: .035 ETH

Public Mint: February 19th 11:30 EST

Price: .045 ETH

zuckverse zuckerberg nft


Zuckverse is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of 4,444 zucks that suddenly phased themselves into existence when a sweaty computer nerd inadvertently opened an infinite loop whilst coding on his VAIO Netbook.

The zucks continue to propagate through a hitherto unknown plane now known simply as “the Zuckverse”.

embers nft


Embers are a collection of 5,555 burning hot NFTs living in the core of the blockchain. Each individual Ember is carefully curated from over 150 traits, along with some incredibly rare 1/1s that have traits that can’t be found from any other Ember. Our vision is to create an amazing project that will shed light, joy, love, and creativity!

millionaire monkey club nft

Millionaire Monkey Club

The Millionaire Monkey Club (MMC) is a private collection consisting of 10,000 unique digital collectibles – Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

All the monkey characters showcase a combination of more than 180+ designed and hand-drawn traits. This work of art is then created by the one-of-a-kind algorithm output making each of the NFTs exclusive and exceptional.

Being a monkey owner or collector gives you an automatic membership to our exclusive community of MMC team and all the proud monkey collectors. Owners and holders get great benefits, rewards and exclusive utilities in $250,000 and more.

Never to forget where we came from, we are grateful in giving back towards the world an amount of $50,000 to a community chosen charity.

Soldier Apes Army nft

Soldier Apes Army

Welcome to the Soldier Apes Army, an army of 10,000 apes ready to protect the Home of the Apes!


Soldier Apes Army represents the confluence of blockchain innovation with an ambitious gaming roadmap. This is not a typical NFT project, instead, it has a bold gameplay plan. To achieve this goal, Soldier Apes Army wants to include the community from the start and provide a route for comments and recommendations concerning the game. In essence, the Apaverse should be conceived as a game created by and for the people who play it. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a 3D isometric gaming environment that is rotatable and zoomable. The visuals will be scalable, allowing gamers with less powerful computers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This project aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the P2E Metaverse while fostering a united community sharing the same enthusiastic spirit. A vision for a game where in the future all owners of apes NFT’s can convert their NFT’s into In-game characters and play together.

Soldier Apes Army is intended to be a P2E (play-to-earn) game. The game requires NFTs, which can be purchased on OpenSea and in PreSale. Each NFT entitles the player to participate in the game.


„Home of the Apes“ P2E & PvP Game Beta & Alpha Version

Soldier Ape NFT character and its assets within the game

Whitelist Spot for Token Public Launch (Q3)

Worldwide live events

Monthly Prices from royalties for the Holders

Passive income with your NFT

Breeding function

Total prize pool of $250,000

Make sure to check our roadmap – it’s really amazing and has great utility! You can still get WHITELISTED for PRESALE!

Mythia: Find Profitable NFTs Before Everyone Else

Mythia: Find Profitable NFTs Before Everyone Else

Mythia’s NFT is helps NFT investors find profitable opportunities before everyone else.

It has 3 key benefits:

1. Intel aggregation. Want to know what projects are going to be big? You’d need to be in the exclusive Discord groups, where all the big decisions are made. These groups usually require a $100,000+ NFT to join.

We own these NFTs, and have a full time team reading the 5,000+ daily Discord messages. We condense the intel (alpha) into an easy-to-digest daily newsletter and podcast, as well as real time alerts.

2. Software Tools. Mythia NFT owners get access to our software tools. They can also vote on what tools we build in the future. Tools include:

Recent Whale Trades – See what proven NFT traders are doing in real time.

Underpriced Rare NFTs – Find NFTs that are underpriced for how rare they are.

Upcoming NFT Momentum – Track upcoming projects by how fast their Twitter or Discord is growing

Joinable Whitelists – See which whitelists you can join right now.
3. Profile Picture. The NFT comes with a badass cyberpunk & anime inspired artwork.

crypto miners syndicate nft

Crypto Miners Syndicate – Mine ETH & BTC

Crypto Miners Syndicate is a collection of NFTs, that live on Ethereum shadow world. 10k Miners have been algorithmically generated from more than 354 combinations and have been given unique capabilities.

Mint at:

Mine ETH & BTC, play Miners Game, join different syndicates, and conquer the underground blockchain world!

Own a Crypto Miner and dominate the syndicates!

pocket rockets nft project

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets, A unique collection of 7,777 cosmic NFT’s inspired by the leading Web 3.0 infrastructure provider, Pocket Network $POKT

Not just another social club, these NFT’s entitle holders to real, ongoing utility, backing one of the best crypto infrastructure projects in the market!

Utility features include:

1. The team will use a portion of sales to develop Pocket Network nodes and distribute the rewards generated by nodes to NFT holders

2. $50,000 worth of POKT airdrops to NFT holders

3. Development of a Decentraland Rocket Station with a draw to win a plot next to the station

Find out more about Pocket Rockets and the Pocket Network by viewing our website and socials.

Whitelisting commences 20 February 2022

Launch Event on 4 March 2022

Note: current APR’s for Pocket Nodes are in excess of 300%, however these fluctuate with Pocket Network use. This is not financial advice and no guarantee of returns is promised. Rewards are subject to Pocket Network use/distribution to node runners

kules mission nft drop

Kules Mission

Kules Mission is a side hustle of the MetaBros ERC20 project with our main utility being holder giveaways and a P2E game for iOS and Android,

the character Kule is 1 of 3 main characters within our game and hes been decided to showcase our 1st of 3 collection attatched to the project

Kules mission is dropping on the 14th of February at 11am UTC, consisting of 160 unique individuals with a following 20 gold tier Kules being dropped in the following week!

These guys are near certainly going to moon shot with the decreased rarity of the following collections we have planned, also taking into account the interest from our increased holder count as the token develops we have essentially built our token and NFT collections to reflect interest of each other!

Kules him self is 1 of 3 siblings all trapped on far away planets, and his mission is to reunite with his brother Leo and his sister May! Hence the name Kules Mission!

Find out more over in our telegram!

Bored Weird Vitalik Club (BWVC)

Bored Weird Vitalik Club (BWVC)

BWVC is a collection of 10,000 Bored Vitalik Buterin NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bored Vitalik doubles as your Moon Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE MOON BAR. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Dmitriy Buterin, father of Ethereum inventor Vitalik tweeted about us!
Dima.eth – “”Possibly the weirdest pfp project I’ve encountered”” –

He’s absolutely right! We have weirdest pfp in the metaverse and our community already love it!

Our plan is to get noticed by famous NFT enthusiasts and the actual crypto universe creator – Vitalik Buterin! Once our mint stage is over we will send BWVC #1 NFT to Vitalik’s wallet!

The Landmark Token NFT Drop

The Landmark Drop

REAL ESTATE NFT TOKENIZATION!!!! The Landmark is changing the ways of real estate investment by combining blockchain technology with real world construction projects! The real estate market is hot right now, and these collectibles are a one of a kind opportunity to immerse yourself in a digital investment experience! There are 10,000 unique collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain that gives you Passive Income. Visit for more details.