Lapix Zero

Join an underground society of rogue scientists constructing NFT mechas for the black market.


Oasis is formed by a group of explorers who advocate freedom creativity,and rebellion against tradition. The next generation of Internet revolution brings us here. We will start from NFT, build an equal and free community and start from here to challenge adventures in unknown areas.

Hominins by TID hNFT

Step aside Bored Apes, it’s time for our true ancestors to take center stage. The first hNFTs depicting the protagonists of human evolution are now a collectible series of 12, called the Hominins Collection.


A group of 7890 degen frens that come from all corners of the galaxy and all have different DNA’s and unqiue features.

Lets broadcast the journey on the moon together with Live AMA, contests and many prizes.

Get your hybrid Anime and cartoon that is reflected with colorful and punchy PFP’s.


A UGC Metaverse adventure built on the Ethereum, where you can explore the diverse cyberspaces from different areas, searching for mysterious digital artifacts and creatures.




!Kent is the first NFT virtual community project with the mission to onboard new people from all over the world into Metaverse


Z3NA is the first collection of the Brandverse Ecosystem: 2,500 NFT watches living on the Ethereum blockchain.


The angels and devils couldn’t afford the rising housing prices in heaven and hell with their wages despite the crazy workloads.


In a world of ongoing distancing and individualism, a new breed has arisen. A breed of big, strong and friendly Giants left their hidden realm to help mankind in the challenges that humanity faces in the year 2022. Step by… Read More »THE FRIENDLY GIANTS

Tomato Ace

Tomato Ace grew up in the garden of a local farm after some mysterious chemicals from the neighboring factory seeped into the groundwater. Now he travels the world in the hope of becoming an athlete and occasionally exacting revenge for the pollution of the environment. And even though he is odd in his own way, there are 10000 similarly odd

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is a collection of 8,888 generative, traversable yachts which you can explore in the metaverse. Lazy 8ight bridges the gap between the yachting world & web3 technology, as a leading luxury web3 brand.


Mad Goblins (MADG) is a collection of 4,500 unique NFTs. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thug Dogs in Doggyland

🐶Everyone who loves and appreciates hip-hop culture has probably heard and knows what Doggyland is. 🐶

Coffee CupZ NFT

Coffee CupZ NFT is a collection of 3333 unique, hand drawn, ready-to-drink coffees that will take you for a journey on Web3 with their taste.. In the ETH Blockchain. We are here to take over the NFT world with our strong roadmap, team and family!


The DemonicSkulls is a V2 Collection of the OG CryptoSkulls on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Demonic Skull character is unique and has been summoned by the Dark Alchemist himself using the powers of the OG CryptoSkulls. Levels of DemonicSkulls NFTs will have different utilities in the CryptoSkulls game and CryptoSkulls DAO.

Pagesas Random

2,000 unique and randomly graffiti-style generated digital collectibles living on Ethereum blockchain, created by the Ibiza-based street artist Zsar San and Ibiza Token to pay tribute to the Ibizan peasant woman, an iconic character representing the more authentic image of the island, the one connected to the traditions and rural world.
Minting a

Flower Fam NFT

The Flower Fam takes a different approach from the usual NFT roadmaps.