Chronicles Of Dragonverse

At Dragonverse we are building a community of art and gaming enthusiastics. Holders will be able to Hatch, Breed and Battle their dragons in a P2E game and earn rewards in form of Dragonverse native token.
Story inspired by Game Of Thrones

Devil Pixies

The Devil’s Dungeon where you can take your pick of 5555 different demons with unique skills. Collecting and upgrading these demons will allow you to travel through the dungeon and defeat the demon bosses. In order to achieve this you must strategically place them on the battlefield and make them perform specific attacks. Each demon has a specific

Chains of War NFT Heroes

Chains of War is building a neo-fantasy Metaverse world on the Cardano blockchain. 10,000 NFT Heroes roam the vicious world of Tyrrha.

piggy bank dao nft

Piggy Bank DAO

A Real Decentralized DAO

We hope to bring you along for the journey in creating a Fully Functioning DAO Online Wallet Connected Dashboard.

We are yet to see a Cardano Fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the ones that already exist are ran by 1 or more people and this makes it a “CO” “(Centralized Organization)” because they have full control of every say and every action. This DAO will be fully ran via a Dashboard which will have a authorizer allowing the dashboard to take action on votes after votes have happened.

cnft pirates nft drop

CNFT Pirates Drop


Hundreds of years ago, there was a pirate in the seas of Persia, greatly named as the Jack Dowson. He was later known as the pirate of the Persian Sea. Are you curious to know the story? Here we go:

Jack had a humongous personality in early stage of life and was born to a poor family. He was stylish with one eye covered, like his father “Adam”, which helped the pirates to fight in the dark. Jack was a fan of eagle and owned a a beautiful green-eyed parrot. His father “Adam” was a known personality for capturing small ships, and everyone who cruised with him admired his brains of capturing of ships.

evil ape empire upcoming nft launch calendar

Evil Ape Empire NFT Launch

“Forget the old Bored Apes, Here comes the Evil Apes” – Evil Ape Empire (EAE), the first Multi-Chain NFT Project.

With the increasing popularity of Non Fungible tokens on Ethereum, more and more Cardano and Solana NFT’s are starting to take a spotlight and getting popular day by day. Not only can you make a lot of money trading and flipping NFTs on Ethereum and Opensea, but Solana and Cardano is also a great alternative, especially for lower budgets.

Thinking about this the Evil Ape Empire, that started as a fun project by an enthusiastic team of artist because they wanted o make their own cool Ape avatar pictures is now a big Empire. Evil Ape Empire is the first set to launch on Cardano, then Solana and then Ethereum. They are verified on Cardahub, and


Each Network collection will be a unique collection of apes and with their own unique traits. These will be available for mint on each network on the time of release from the website.

6,666 Apes launched on ADA. These apes will only be 40 ADA at mint.
6,666 Apes launched on SOL. Price to be determined. (Higher than ADA)
6,666 Apes on ETH. Price to be determined. (Higher than SOL)

Each chain is allotted 100 max OG mints, which are 1:1 art pieces specific to the chain in question.

2. All ape holders will be able to participate in upcoming staking and mining functionality with a token launch.

3. Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming in the future with a planned mobile/desktop app.

4. Upcoming Merchandise passive reward system.


Date: 20th of February.
Time: 8 PM UTC
Supply: 50 OG Apes
Price: 150 ADA