NFT Drop Scanner was created by an artist and crypto enthusiast, with a focus on art and crypto projects. We’re a team of three, and we coordinate our efforts through Discord and Twitter.

In the world of crypto art, there are many new projects coming to light every day. It’s almost impossible for someone who isn’t involved in this space regularly to stay on top of everything going on in the blockchain art community – but it’s not impossible! We at NFT Drop Scanner aim to keep you as up to date as possible.

In an effort to make this process easier for believers of this new wave of art, we’ve decided to create a platform where you can stay on top of all the projects that are going on in the space. Whether it’s a new X-Game from CryptoGraffiti, a new physical print being released by Hyperdragons or a NFT comic from The Bitcoin Tale – we have it all.

Named for the process in which artworks are ‘dropped’ onto the blockchain and later snapped up by eager collectors, NFT Drop Scanner is your go-to platform for all things NFT and crypto art. We aggregate upcoming launches of new token projects and organize them into calendars, making it easy to find the next big opportunity. On top of that, we provide a space where artists and creators can get publicity and traction for their project through an integrated blog with high quality content.

NFT Drop Scanner is the first stop for anyone interested in crypto art, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @NFTDropScanner.

The three founders share a passion for blockchain technology and believe in its power to change the world. They are committed to bringing you all the latest news on new token projects as well as publishing high quality content for artists and creators looking to get their art seen by the masses.

We have been working hard to provide the best possible platform for our users. We have recently integrated a blog and several calendar views to track down the latest additions to NFT-land. You can keep up with us through the following:

Website – https://nftdropscanner.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/NFTDropScanner

Add your event to the calendar: https://nftdropscanner.com/submission/

Promote your upcoming drop: https://nftdropscanner.com/promote/